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What does the "-y" do in "yum -y groupinstall.

On CentOS/RHEL, you can either install packages individually or install multiple packages in a single operation in a group. Package group contain packages that perform related tasks such as development tools, web server for example LAMP or LEMP, desktop a minimal desktop that can as well be employed as a thin client and many more. what will be the difference of doing this and editing /etc/yum.conf like this: exclude=beagle,kerry When I have this I won't get any beagle when I do a yum search beagle, but when I install something that "depends" on beagle it still gets installed even though I told yum to exclude it. 8 replies Is there an 'after the fact' way to find what yum groups are installed, including ones that were added with 'yum groupinstall' instead of the initial anaconda install? -yum groupinstall "Development tools" をそのまま実行してみて、インストールされたパッケージのメモ。 環境. CentOS7 (vagrant の centos/7) 一覧. 途中のスペースより上( systemtap まで)がメイン. 11/12/2017 · [icon type="redhat"]How do I install all developer tools such as GNU GCC C/C compilers, make and others, after installing CentOS or RHEL or Fedora.

In 1.9.2 this was fixed so that packages are installed in one yum transaction. However, if one of the packages adds a new yum repository that the other packages come from such as epel-release then that package needs to be installed in a separate task. This mimics yum’s command line behaviour. Yum itself has two types of groups. Whats the difference between yum groupinstall vs. regular yum install? Stack Exchange Network. Stack Exchange network consists of 175 Q&A communities including Stack Overflow, the largest, most trusted online community for developers to learn, share their knowledge, and build their careers. Vai a: navigazione, ricerca. Yum è molto semplice da usare, la cosa più importante è che sia configurato con i repository più usati, poi loggarsi come root e vedere i comandi più frequenti. $ su password Per installare un pacchetto non serve nemmeno sapere tutto il nome del pacchetto, ma.

yum is an interactive, rpm based, package manager. It can automatically perform system updates, including dependency analysis and obsolete processing based. Upgrading CentOS/RHEL from Minimal Installation with YUM Posted on Tuesday December 27th, 2016 Friday February 24th, 2017 by admin If you have installed CentOS/RHEL Minimal server installation, you may have lots of troubles with not installed packages. Install a specific software group using yum groupinstall. To install specific software group, use groupinstall option as shown below. In the following example, ‘DNS Name Server’ group contains bind.

As groupinstall has a bit different logic than install, I suggest we create functions to deal with metapackages separately from those which deal with simple packages. From my viewpoint it will help us to avoid messing the already working functionality and be faster to develop. Please let me know if there are any objections\ideas. 01/04/2011 · Cerca nel sito: Home Forum Fedora Segnala un bug Comando yum groupinstall "Italian Support" non funziona [Bug840885] Comando yum groupinstall "Italian Support" non funziona [Bug840885] Login o registrati per inviare commenti. 5 risposte [Ultimo messaggio] Lun, 16/07/2012 yum -y groupinstall "X Window System" "Desktop" "Fonts" "General Purpose Desktop" But that's only a start of your troubles: Generally the idea of installing minimal system contradict the idea of installing gnome as this is a Christmas Tree type of applications; This means that we use "yum install [PACkAGENAME] [GROUPNAME]" instead of a separate "yum groupinstall [GROUPNAME]" step. The yum install syntax differentiates between yum "package groups" which are specified in the package's spec file and yum "environmental groups" which are specified in xml files when the yum repository is created. 28/04/2010 · In this article, let us review how to install MySQL on CentOS using yum. Instead of searching and installing mysql and related packages one-by-one, it is better to install MySQL using yum groups. If you are interested in installing the full LAMP stack, refer to our earlier article on how to install.

  1. How to use groupinstall for yum in FC3 by Thomas Chung on Nov 16, 2004 groupinstall option in yum is very useful in FC3 when you want to install a group of packages which you haven not installed during the initial installation from CD-ROM or DVD-ROM.
  2. yum gruplist grep -i web Basic Web Server. Web-Based Enterprise Management. I find the names from "grouplist" are not what you need to install. However, you can do. yum groupinstall web-server and I believe that should work.
  3. yum group list command. This returned various output with the following: "There is no installed groups file." Is it possible for yum groupinstall to work without a groups file? I think my systems administrator won't allow me to install such a file. If it is mandatory for yum groupinstall, how do I install a groups file?

yum groupinstall "Web Server" — Linux.

List yum groups installed, available or available environment on yum-based systems RHEL Redhat Fedora CentOS etc. - yum-list-available-environment-groups.sh. On Mon, 26 Jul 2004, Harry Putnam wrote: > How do the yum options groupinstall groupupgrade work? > > The yum man page doesn't bother to explain any more than: > groupinstall [.] > groupupdate [.] > > Which appears it would be > `yum groupupgrade pkg pkg2 pkg3' > > That fails though so it must mean something different. You seem to have non-CentOS packages for example httpd-2.2.22-12070410. yum may or may not work under those situations. In this article, we will learn how to install, update, remove, find packages, manage packages and repositories on Linux systems using YUM Yellowdog Updater Modified tool developed by RedHat.

yum Yellowdog Updater, Modified provide more services and functionality than is available with the rpm command and other RPM-based tools. With Yum tools and plug-ins, you can List software packages, both installed and available, in local or remote repositories. Yum Groupinstall “GNOME Desktop” Fails. I’ve repeated the yum groupinstalls for “GNOME Desktop”, “Server with GUI” and “Graphical Administration Tools.” yum claims everything is fine. Short of installing another VM with a GUI enabled from the start, I’m stuck. 9. Install Packages with groupinstall. To install all the packages that are related to a group, in that case we can use groupinstall option in yum command. Let’s assume we want install all development related packages on Linux server, then use the command ‘yum groupinstall’ followed by the groupname Development Tools.

Linux yum command help and information with yum examples, syntax, related commands,. The "group update" is just an alias for groupinstall, which will do the right thing because "yum install X" and "yum update X" do the same thing, when X is already installed. I am using CentOS 7.2 When I use yum groupinstall "Development Tools", gcc version is 4.8.5, like this: I would like to install gcc 5.3 How to approach this with yum? 14/04/2012 ·yum groupinstall "X Window System" Desktop OR if u won 2 install kde graphical mode execute this command.yum groupinstall "X Window System" "KDE Desktop" before this update your repo file to use groupinstall command. you can also see this video in youtubecom.

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