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Ubuntu 16.04 came with PHP 7.0, but at this moment, there is no PHP 7.1 available on the official repos. Fortunately, the super awesome ondrej/php repo already has PHP 7.1, so I upgraded to PHP 7.1. Install and configure PHP 7.1. If you want to install PHP 7.1, the latest stable release of PHP at the time of writing this article, on Ubuntu 16.04, a convenient method is to use the PPA Personal Package Archives repository. First of all, you need to add specified PPA to the system apt repository. Install PHP 7.1 on Ubuntu. Use the following set of commands to add PPA for PHP 7 in your Ubuntu system and install PHP 7.1 version. sudo apt-get install software-properties-common sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ondrej/php sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get install -y php7.1 Now use the following command to check installed php version on your system. Stack Exchange network consists of 175 Q&A communities including Stack Overflow,. Upgrade to the specific php 7.1/7.2 from php 7.0 in Ubuntu 16.04 [duplicate] Ask Question. There is no official PHP 7.1 in the Ubuntu 16.04 repos. If you want PHP 7.1, there is a version available in ppa:ondrej/php.

By default, Ubuntu 18.04 and Ubuntu 16.04 ships PHP v7.2 and PHP v7.0 EOL respectively. In this post, we will see how to install PHP 7.3 / 7.2 / 7.1 on Ubuntu 18.04 / Ubuntu 16.04. Add PHP Repository. Ondřej Surý, a third-party repository, hosted on launchpad which offers PHP 7.3 / 7.2 / 7.1 for Ubuntu operating system. Update the. We’ll show you how to install PHP 7.1 with Nginx on Ubuntu 16.04. PHP 7.1 comes with many new features and improvements and as a result of this many developers are using it for their projects. Installing PHP 7.1 with Nginx on an Ubuntu 16.04 VPS, is an easy task, just follow the steps bellow and you should have it done in few minutes. How to Install Apache, PHP 7.1, and MySQL on Ubuntu with Vagrant. If you're working locally on Windows or Mac, and your server is on a Linux distribution,. Step 3 - Install PHP 7.1. At this point, we're going to install PHP 7.1. Since 7.1 is new and cutting edge.

How to install PHP 7.1.3 on Ubuntu Yakkety, Ubuntu Xenial, Ubuntu Trusty, Ubuntu Precise sudo apt-get remove php7.1. About the author. Admin. A passionate Linux user for personal and professional reasons, always exploring what is new in the world of Linux and sharing with my readers. We’ll include instructions for PHP 7.4, PHP 7.2 the default in Ubuntu 18.04 and the default PHP version in the Ubuntu 16.04 repositories – PHP 7. We recommend that you install PHP 7.3 as it’s stable and has lots of improvements and new features. If you still use PHP 7.1, you definitely need to upgrade ASAP because its security support.

目前 PHP 最近版本是 7.1, 以下文會介紹透過 ondrej/php 的 PPA 安裝 PHP 7.0 及 7.1 的方法, 以下方法適用於 Ubuntu 16.10, 16.04 及 14.04. 首先執行以下指令加入 ondrej/php 的 PPA: $ sudo apt-get install python-software-properties $ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ondrej/php 然後更新套件索引:. Step 3: Install PHP 7.1 and Related Modules. PHP 7.1 isn’t available on Ubuntu default repositories in order to install it, you will have to get it from third-party repositories. Run the commands below to add the below third party repository to upgrade to PHP 7.1.

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