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ALTER DATABASE DROP LOGFILE GROUP 3; When a redo log group is dropped from the database, and you are not using the Oracle-managed files feature, the operating system files are not deleted from disk. Rather, the control files of the associated database are updated to drop the members of the group from the database structure. SQL> alter database drop standby logfile group 5; Database altered. If the status of standby redolog show the "clearing_current" then we cannot drop "clearing_current" status logs,and for that we have to sync with Primary and clear the log first before dropping as. How to Drop/Rename Standby Redolog file in Oracle.

How To Drop Redo Logfiles on Physical Standby Database. Step 1. First, Cancel the Standby Recovery Process. SQL> alter database recover managed standby database cancel; Step 2. Check the standby_file_management parameter and set the parameter to MANUAL. SQL> alter system set standby_file_management=manual scope=both; Step 3. Method to drop and recreate online redolog files with 2 members to each group. Firstly ORACLE will never allow you to drop the current ONLINE redolog file. 3 1 INACTIVE 4 1 INACTIVE. SQL> alter database drop logfile group 1; alter database drop logfile group 1 ERROR at line 1: ORA-01623: log 1 is current log for instance test. 16 SQL Statements Relevant to Data Guard. DROP [STANDBY] LOGFILE logfile_descriptor. Drops all members of an online redo log file group or standby redo log file group. Note: Do not use the ALTER DATABASE ACTIVATE STANDBY DATABASE statement to failover because it. 13/02/2009 · re: alter database add standby logfile group 608334 Feb 12, 2009 7:28 PM in response to DBA2011 The following benefits accrue from the standby redo log files: During a failover, standby redo logs enable Data Guard to apply more redo data than.

24/04/2009 · re: alter database add standby logfile group damorgan Apr 23, 2009 5:14 PM in response to DBA2011 It is, unfortunately, not uncommon for Oracle docs to leave out essential steps because the writers just assume that everyone knows to do it. SQL> SQL> alter database drop standby logfile group 4; alter database drop standby logfile group 4 ERROR at line 1: ORA-01156: recovery or flashback in progress may need access to files SQL> alter database recover managed standby database cancel; Database altered. Creating Redo Log Groups and Members. Plan the redo log of a database and create all required groups and members of redo log files during database creation. However, there are situations where you might want to create additional groups or members. For example, adding groups to a redo log can correct redo log group availability problems.

The standby database begins using the newly created standby redo data the next time there is a log switch on the primary database. Example 3-1 and Example 3-2 show how to create a new standby redo log file group using the ALTER DATABASE statement with variations of the ADD STANDBY LOGFILE GROUP. Dropping Logfile Group. Similarly, you can also drop logfile group only if the database is having more than two groups and if it is not the current group. SQL>alter database drop logfile group 3; Note: When you drop logfiles the files are not deleted from the disk. You have to use O/S command to delete the files from disk. Resizing Logfiles.

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