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17/01/2018 · The main reason one would build or purchase an NAS device is to back up data. With one of these on your network, all of your computers have easy access to a central backup solution via Samba or NFS and an accessible folder. The following are four of the best NAS. Don't forget that parity RAID5/6 is completely broken in BTRFS as the moment. FWIW, it was never considered anything other than test code. BTRFS is awesome, and has a very small overhead; I personally am using it for my NAS A bit of a complicated setup involving two separate MD RAID arrays striped with BTRFS in a VM, and absolutely love it. 17/02/2016 · Btrfs file system brings these tools to Synology NAS servers, allowing businesses and organizations to reduce maintenance overhead and efficiently store their data. What is Btrfs? Btrfs is a modern file system developed by multiple parties and now supported by select Synology NAS models. Btrfs. Btrfs or EXT4. I’m going to upgrade from my old ds213j. Can I upgrade to any of the ds218 series? And what about Btrfs or EXT4? What are the differences and is it possible while upgrading to change from EXT4 which I believe is used in my old ds213J and the new Btrfs? Yes, you can simply put your old drives into any new 18 series NAS.

Phoronix takes a brand new, unstable ZFS Linux kernel module and benchmarks it agains Btrfs, ZFS-FUSE, EXT4, and XFS with interesting results. In this article are some new details on KQ Infotech’s ZFS kernel module and our results from testing out the ZFS file-system on Linux. ReadyNAS OS 6.x release notes provide some insight into changes, but the notes aren't very enlightening. For example, btrfs isn't referenced in any of the ReadyNAS OS.

25/02/2017 · Long story short, our Synology NAS has gotten extremely slow all of a sudden. We have a new NAS to move the data onto, but it is going to take years to move the data unless I find a way to speed up the Synology. Freie NAS Betriebssysteme gibt es ja mittlerweile einige, die bekanntesten sind wohl FreeNAS, NAS4Free und OpenMediaVault. Mit Rockstor ist seit einiger Zeit ein auf Linux basierter Ableger hinzugekommen. Dabei setzt Rockstor nicht wie OpenMediaVault auf Debian Linux sondern auf CentOS 7. Das größte Alleinstellungsm.

After considerable consideration I decided to build my own. An OS-less HP Microserver costs a fraction of what a Qnap NAS does, and this way I wouldn't be married to an over-priced, low-spec proprietary platform. But what OS to put on it? My hunt for the ultimate free open source NAS distro began. みなさんはNASのOSとして何を使っていますか?FreeNAS、OpenMediaVault、巷にはいくつもOSSのNAS用OSがあります。なにを選んだらいいのでしょう?少し前までは非力なAtomサーバ機にNAS4Freeを入れて使っていましたが、PCでゲームをすることがほとんどなくなったので. ReadyNaS® INtRoduceS the Next GeNeRatIoN of StoRaGe one of the most significant fundamental changes in readyNaS® oS 6 is the file system adoption of BtrfS pronounced “Butter fS”. BtrfS was first developed by oracle in 2007 to overcome scalability issues that existed with other files.

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