Il Tag Matlab Gui Axes Scompare ::
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matlab - Want to get the tag of current axes

I want to get the tag of current axes in GUI made through Matlab GUIDE. The following code returns an empty matrix: handle=gca; get handle,'tag'. The next plot added to the axes uses the first color and line style based on the ColorOrder and LineStyle order properties. This value is similar to using cla before every new plot. 'replace' — Delete existing plots and reset axes properties, except Position and Units, to. This MATLAB function deletes all graphics objects that have visible handles from the current axes. Clear the line plot from the axes and reset all the axes properties to their default values. cla reset resets all properties of the current axes, except for the Position and Units properties. cla reset.

The Axes Tag keeps on deleting. Learn more about background picture, matlab gui, axes, tag. I'm constructing a gui that has an axes with code in its creation function. For some reason, every now and then, when I close the open figure in GUIDE after saving and then re-open it, the tag name disappears, making the creation function code not work. Tag of one of the axes erased after reopening GUIDE project. Asked by Dani Tormo. Dani Tormo view profile 41 questions asked;. The problem is that every time I close Matlab and open the GUI again, the Tag of the axes circuit is empty. Why is happening this?. the tag on the axes. However I would expect that the code you had set the current axes to handles.axes1 and then get the current axes tag would also work. Are you sure that this axes actually has a tag set? If no tag has been set, it will return an empty string.

12/10/2013 · This tutorial is create a GUI with 2 plots axes and 2 pushbuttons. More engineering tutorial videos are available in https:. Matlab GUI without GUIDE 1.0 - GUI Layout - Duration: 11:55. David Dorran 21,937 views. 11:55. Tutorial Básico de GUI MATLAB PARTE1.mp4 - Duration: 8:39. Find tag matlab gui. Ask Question Asked 7 years, 2 months ago. Active 7 years, 2 months ago. Viewed 978 times -1. I am reading another programmer's Matlab GUI. It is really complicated. A lot of axes and bars and tables. When I look deeper into the.m file, I just cannot find the corresponding parts in the.fig layout. Is there any.

Why does an axes tag name keep dissappearing.

Hi, how can I change the current axes in a GUI? I try to use the line function, but I don’t know how to activate the right axes for plotting in the wanted figure. I guess, there should be a simple solution, but I. how to insert image to gui?. Learn more about gui, image, imread, imshow. The current axes is the target for graphics output. By default, graphics functions such as plot, text, and surf draw their results in the current axes. The current axes object is typically the last Axes object created or the last one you clicked with the mouse. Changing the current figure also changes the current axes. Just change 'tagForYourAxes' to be whatever you set the figure's tag to be when you created the GUI with GUIDE and use that snippet. This should work, but.

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