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Ant-Eclipse Task.

Ant-Eclipse Description. Generates Eclipse projects to be just imported and used easily. It is recommended to run this task together with synchronization of a sources on a developer's workstation with the central source code repository to have the Eclipse project always up-to-date. The ant tasks are available in the bundle. To run the tasks from ant, the jarred code apitooling-ant.jar must be on the Ant classpath. If you are running the tasks from an Eclipse target workspace, you must preface the task name with apitooling. When running the ant task directly, just the task name is required. While scanning, any class files found in the /libs/contributed.jar archive inside org.eclipse.test.bundle will be ignored. If debug is enabled, some debug tracing will show up in the Ant console. Related references API Freeze Ant Task File Generation Ant Task Analysis Report Conversion Ant Task API Freeze Report Conversion Ant Task. Problem severities will be generated as specified by D:\tests_api\ Since debug is enabled, some debug tracing will show up in the Ant console. API Freeze Ant Task File Generation Ant Task API Use Ant Task Analysis Report Conversion Ant Task API Freeze Report Conversion Ant Task API Use Report Conversion Ant Task.

API Tools File Generation Ant Task Purpose This task runs to generate all files required by API Tools inside a binary bundle. This task is run during the Eclipse builds or during the bundle export for all projects that have an API Tools nature. -----BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE----- Hash: SHA1 I have a custom Ant ant task that I wrote and it is failing. This ant task is in a plugin. I have a plugin called inside the plugin is an Ant task called my.task. It is defined to eclipse with the normal extensions. this plugin is installed into eclipse. i am looking to debug the java code that makes up an ant task and not the just the steps of an ant build. the answers already helped me partially, but i still need to figure out why my eclipse doesnt have Debug Remote Java Application. The Eclipse Foundation - home to a global community, the Eclipse IDE, Jakarta EE and over 350 open source projects, including runtimes, tools and frameworks. Ant can be run from the Eclipse IDE but the configuration is kept separately. Ant-Eclipse automates the task of creating an Eclipse project making the developer to write an automated build script as the first thing and to generate an Eclipse project from it whenever it changes.

Prior to Ant 1.7.1, when the task is run again, the task will try to compile the files again. With Ant 1.7.1, a different kind of logic was introduced that involved the timestamp of the directory that would normally contain the.class file. Item. Description. Name. This field shows the name of your Ant target that you have selected in the Ant Build tool window. Share through VCS. Select this checkbox to put the run/debug configuration under version control and make it available to other team members. API Deprecation Ant Task Purpose This task runs a complete API analysis of an API profile relative to a baseline - looking only for members classes, fields, methods that have been deprecated / un-deprecated. The profile is the current state of a product under development. In debug mode, many of these tasks will print out the equivalent command line, as the task output does. If you are having a problem, it is often useful to run the command directly from the command line, in the same way Ant is running it, and see if the problem occurs from there as well. I'm trying to use ANT with Flash Builder 4 to compile and debug. The compiling is the easy part but having trouble to get the debugger to work. I. Adobe Support Community. There's no ant task to launch provided by Eclipse. Unless you write your own, I don't see an easy way to do this.

API Tools Analysis Ant Task - help.

Running Apache Ant Command Line. -debug, which causes Ant to print considerably more additional information; and -silent which makes Ant print nothing but task output and build failures useful to capture Ant output by scripts. When declaring a task, include the aspectjtools.jar either in the taskdef classpath or in $ANT_HOME/lib where it will be added to the system class path by the ant script. You may specify the task script names directly, or use the "resource" attribute to specify the default names.

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