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Once you have your project environment set up and your code written and tested,. Conda-pack is a command line tool that archives a conda environment,. To install conda-pack, make sure you are in the root or base environment so that it is available in sub-environments. Conda calls these environment files. They are the exact analogue of requirements files for Python’s virtual environments. Like with everything else, you can make an environment file in two ways. 1️⃣ From inside an active environment. conda-env % conda env export --file environment.ymlOr -f. 2️⃣ From your default shell. And, while normal ROOT and PyROOT are fine, commands like root MyFile.C actively build things, so this is probably something many users will want to do. Once the macOS is downloaded and extracted on your system, you should set CONDA_BUILD_SYSROOT to point to the SDK root location, such as /opt/MacOSX10.9.sdk. This will not be necessary once. Copy root environment to env1. conda create --name env1 --clone root Activate your environment. source activate env1 Remove some conda packages which have to be in root environment. conda remove conda conda remove conda-build conda remove conda-env Then, You can anything like this. conda update --all. If this key is set, the root prefix envs_dir is not used unless explicitly included. This key also determines where the package caches will be located. Making conda-meta/history read-only is sufficient to make conda info report that the "root environment" is "read only".

Setting up a default project environment¶ AEN includes a full installation of the Anaconda Python distribution—along with several additional packages—located within the root conda environment in /opt/wakari/anaconda. The first time any new AEN project is started, this default project environment is cloned into the new project’s workspace. Questions: I’m on Windows 8, using Anaconda 1.7.5 64bit. I created a new Anaconda environment with conda create -p./test python=2.7 pip from C:\Pr\TEMP\venv\. This worked well there is a folder with a new python distribution. conda tells me to type activate C:\PR\TEMP\venv\test to activate the environment, however this returns: No. I'm on Windows 8, using Anaconda 1.7.5 64bit. I created a new Anaconda environment with conda create -p./test python=2.7 pip from C:\Pr\TEMP\venv\. This worked well there is a folder with a new. This has been implemented as conda list --revisions and conda install --rev REV_NUM. EDIT: be careful though if you execute conda install --rev 0 as this will remove your root environment and the conda command. Maybe conda install --rev 1 would produce the desired behavior restore root environment to its state after first installation. 22/10/2016 · What are the differences between [conda root] and python [default ] 1850. if you are not starting the notebook server in the root environment, the conda root and the python default kernels will point to different python executables. BUT this is not the most common. how should I set a default kernel for all the jupyter.

If you need an exact set of packages, create a conda environment to hold them. Thanks to the conda package cache and the way file linking is used, doing this is typically fast and consumes very little additional disk space. For example: conda create -n myspecialenv -c bioconda -c conda-forge python=3.5 pandas beautifulsoup seaborn nltk.

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